After their previous round of fighting, the Colonists retreated to another nearby farm that they had fortified. Along the way they were reinforced by some Colonial regulars and the French. If the British hoped to keep advancing, the easiest path was road that the Colonists had built a barricade across. So, with their Hessian allies, the British prepared to assault the American position.

The Americans and French managed to get five cannons and two mortars into position to defend the line. The British were only able to field two cannons and a single mortar for the assault. The Hessians formed up on the left flank and attached the Militia and French forces on the American Right while the British dealt with the Colonial Regulars and Militia on the American Left.

American Left———————American Center—American Right
American Militia—Colonial Regulars–American Militia–French—American Militia 
British Regulars———————–Hessians—————————-
British Right———————–British Center——————-British Left

American Figures: BMC, Accurate, A Call to Arms, Barzso
French Figures: BMC, Accurate
British Figures: BMC, Barzso
Hessians: BMC
Scenery: Marx, BMC, Toy Smith, Barzso