Here we a Revolutionary War set up I put together for the 2015 Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

The goal here was to design a set up that has the Colonial Militia starting to fall apart under a British, Hessian, and Torie assault up the center. The Colonial line has been broken and has reformed as three separate groupings. As was common during the early years of the war, the British were able to make use of their superior training and discipline to break the Colonial line and force them to retreat.

The figures in this are a mixture of BMC, Barzo, Accurate, Armies in Plastic, and a few A Call to Arms.

The barn is made by BMC and can be found with their various Civil War sets. The stone walls and earthen redoubt are either Marx originals or Marx Recasts. I believe the fire pits are also by Marx. The various trees, rocks, supplies, and ruined building pieces are from the Toy Smith buckets you can buy at Toys R Us.