This is the most recent iteration of my Civil War diorama. I have been working on it since 2011 and am constantly on the look out for new scenery pieces and soldiers. What started out as a 2×2 lay out with maybe 20 some guys has grown into an 8 foot display with about 200 pieces now.

The action of the piece has the Confederate forces advancing upon a hastily constructed Union defensive barricade. The Union reinforcements are coming in along the road and advancing over the bridge. The Iron Bridge is engaged in a fierce battle with the Texans on the far side of the river while the 114th PA has had its counter charge shredded by the Confederate firing line.

The majority of the soldiers are W. Britain but there is also a smattering of Conte, First Legion, and Frontline figures.

The scenery is a collection of pieces that I have collected over the years. The barricades are done by Barzso, the bridge is Atherton Foam Scenics, there are numerous walls done by W. Britains, and some plant life courtesy of JG Miniatures.