So, my roommates decided that we needed a Christmas Tree and (being the nice Jewish Boy that I am) decided that the tree clearly needed some more interesting decorations than just regular ornaments.

I quickly set about rectifying the lack of trains, soldiers, buildings, and aliens. Here we see some brave Terran Militia with Space Marine back up attempting to retake a small town from the ravenous Zerg. The hard fighting forces are quickly learning the meaning of Zerg Rush as they find half the town already wiped out and under Zerg control.

My roommates allowed me to keep it up for a couple of days but had me take it down before Christmas actually came to pass. I am guessing Santa Claus would no place to leave gifts…especially if the Zerg won.

The Zergling and Space Marines can be found on the Blizzard store. The Starship Trooper looking pieces and their mechs come in buckets that are sold at Wal-Mart under the Elite Corps  packaging.