This one was a lot of fun to set up. I had picked up a new Schleich Castle and combined it with my old one to make this rather massive fortress. The pieces lined up rather well together and the central tower is a nice touch. For some perspective, the shelf behind the castle is about 2 feet long and 4 high.

I could not decide on which pieces to use for this battle, so I compromised by fitting in as many medieval and fantasty pieces that I could.

The defending force is made up of DFC knights and wizards, Britains Deetail knights, a few Marx figures, a couple of Kellogg’s prize knights, and some Toys R Us silver knights. I have always had a soft spot for the DFC and Britains Archers so this seemed like a great opportunity to really have a set up for them. Massed archers on the walls are always a good time.

The assault force is made up of the DFC monsters and wizards, Britains Saracens, Toys R Us black knights, Toys R Us skeletons, Party City skeletons, Accurate English Men-at-Arms, some random Conte and Marx Vikings, some of the sorceress figures from Toys R Us, and a couple of monsters made by a company called Terra. The assault force is commanded by the Sorceress in the center on the hill. I believe she is from an old DnD army men sized set that came out in the 80’s but I will not swear to it.

I think the various figures mix well together and it was a lot of fun trying to keep the height differences from being too obvious. While setting this up, I managed to block myself in at one point and nearly knocked everything over but fortunately I was able to avoid doing any serious damage.