So I really wanted an opportunity to show off the various Britains Deetail pieces I have managed to collect and decided one massive melee would be the way to go. I busted out one of my Schleich Castles and proceeded to divide up the various forces into two sides.

The defenders consist of the Silver Crusader Knights, the Union Army, and the 7th Cavalry, and Queen’s Guard. One of my favorite poses are the Deetail Archers. I think they look great overlooking the Castle wall with the bows notched and ready to go.

No good castle assault would be complete with a besieging force though. In this case we have the Saracens, Indians, Cowboys, Shield Knights, and Confederate Army along with a smattering of monsters and Dragons. Just as with the Crusader knights, I am quite fond of the ranged units that the Saracens are able to field and got a great shot of the spear throwers overlooking the battlefield.

The various pieces here are from across the Britains lines both in time and variety. Some of the pieces are from more recent production runs and a few even date back to the original 1971 run with “Made in England” stamped on their base.

Soldiers: W. Britains Deetail (various), Hydra and Titan (Terra-From target)
Scenery: Castle (Schleich), Trees (Michael’s Craft, Toy Smith, Unknown), Hill (Lemax), Ladders (various)