Dimensions for Children (DFC) produced a great range of knights and monsters in Hong Kong starting in the early 1980s. The original run came out in the rubbery blue plastic shown here but when the factory moved to mainland China, all sorts of other plastics and colors were used. I have always had a soft spot for DFC, especially their archer pose, even if they do have that ridiculous slit eye helm on.

Here we see the DFC forces engaged in combat with Toy Major Skeleton Archers, Elf Archers, knights, some random dollar bag knights produced by Toy Smith and sold at Target along with the various monsters from the DFC line.

I originally built this board to go along with my Civil War Diorama but decided to have some fun with before it was added to that lay out. I wanted to do a bridge assault on side and have the anti-DFC knight side attempt a boat assault across the river in the face of massed archer fire.

The centaur and minotaur poses are a hard plastic made by Technolog and come from Russia. There are quite a few fantasy, historical, and sci-fi poses in their catalog and most can be found on e-bay in the 4-6 dollar range. You usually get 4-5 figures for that price.

The board itself is a piece of plywood with paper mache laid on top painted green with some texture thrown on as well.