With the help of a Privateer, the British Army has managed to steel a march on the Colonists…or so they though. Bringing only one warship up the river with them, the British found themselves assaulting a pair of heavily entrenched US naval cannons. The Commander had only two unenviable choices: either retreat under heavy fire or risk the invasion and hope to silence those guns.

The British Commander decided that retreating was too risky and so the boats were launched. British Regulars and Grenadiers row hard towards the shore and quickly find themselves in close quarters combat with the smaller Colonial garrison.

The big ship is a playmobile pirate and is personally one of my favorite made by the company.

The British Army is fielding forces made by BMC, Armies in Plastic, Cherilea, and Barzso.
The British Privateers are from some dollar bag pirates sold at Target a year or two ago.

The Colonials are entrenched behind some Marx pieces, backed up by the MPC naval cannon. The Army is made up of MPC and Armies in Plastic soldiers.