A pirate fleet had heard tales of an island overflowing with treasure. Skeleton Island, named after its infamous skull shaped rocks. Little did the pirates realize that the name was accurate for a far more dangerous reason. As the two larger ships put anchor slightly off the coast, the row boats began moving in. The mist began to clear and the pirates were greeted by the site of large skeleton army on the shore with a small cannon battery.

Will the knaves and scalawags of the pirate fleet manage to take the island? Or will the ranks of the skeleton army grow in number this day?

This particular display is a mixture of multiple sets. The ships are a mixture of MPC, ToysRUs, Blue Box, Target, and others.

The skeleton army is made up the Blue Box Skeletons, various copies of the Egyptian Skeletons put out in the Toys-R-Us bucket, Oriental trading skeletons, and some from Party City.

The pirate crews are mostly the Blue Box pirates, with some of the Toys-R-Us ones, and dollar store pirates to back them up. There is a Gibbs 54mm Hasbro figure from their POTC line.