So this is just a small medieval skirmish I threw together really quickly. The silver knights are from China and you can find them all over e-bay. They typically come in three different sets. A large one with like 60 guys and two smaller ones that include 4 mounted(in black and silver for 8 total) or with siege equipment. The sculpting and quality is only so-so. There are a couple of molding issues but nothing totally outrageous. The mounted figures do not always slot into the holes on the horses properly but if you widen the them slightly it works out. Also, if you look at the silver archer in the front, you can see his face has a slight piece missing it looks like.

The painted figures(not by me) are done by Accurate.

I chose to highlight these two sets in particular but it is poses that are slightly unique in both cases.

The base that they are displayed is covered in a material called “Fusion Fiber.” This stuff is great for diorama building. It looks kind of like pillow stuffing. You take some out of the bag, mix it up with water and acrylic paint(for coloring, I chose brown) and then spread it onto your base. In this case, it is just a piece of plywood 1 foot by 1 foot. The beauty of Fusion Fiber is that it comes with the glue already mixed in. You just apply your texture pieces and call it a day. I do use a bit of super glue to give a bit of an extra hold to the larger texture pieces but the basic flock sticks on just fine. More importantly, you can save whatever Fusion Fiber you have left over. Just add more water to use it again.

The trees in the back have their bases covered in Fusion Fiber but are otherwise unattached to the wood and they are on there very firmly. The fences in the foreground are just stuck in and have zero wiggle.

Left to itself, the Fusion fiber took about 2 days to fully dry but if you put it next to heat source, it should take a couple of hours.