The French Foreign Legion has a long history of operating on the frontiers of the French Empire. Many of these men had some less than savory backgrounds but once they joined the Legion, this was quickly forgotten. The truth is that much of the legions history has become romanticized by movies and TV (such as the Captain Gallant TV show). The FFL has become one of France’s premiere military units in more modern times and still accepts many people regardless of their background. It is also a pathway to French citizenship.

Enough of an intro though, let us get to the main event!

The Legion thought it was safe but the local Arab Sheikh has other plans. He has quickly rallied his men, forcing the FFL to seek refuge behind the remains of an old outpost at a nearby oasis. This particular unit has been on an extended campaign in order to bring the local Arab tribes under tighter French control. Many of their horses are gone and the men are fatigued from weeks of constant fighting and marching. Their discipline is holding though and their offices have managed to find a semi-defensible position.

The Arabs tribesmen are relying on pure numbers to overcome their foreign foes. There is little organization to their assault other than a massive wave of fighters. The local sheikh has found a protruding rock formation and urges his followers on. As the first wave of Arab warriors reaches the main body of the FFL, a loud crescendo reaches out and engulfs the first group of men to reach the French line. Unfortunately, this only the start of the battle and the Arabs press on.

Will the Legion be overrun? Or can they turn back the tide of Arab Warriors?

For this diorama, the majority of the Arab and FFL figures are from Armies in Plastic. You will also see Captain Gallant, some Marx Riders, and a few Replicant figures thrown in on the FFL side. The part of the Arab Sheikh is being played by Timpo Arab.

The trees are an assortment of palm trees that come in the various Toy Smith/Toy Major and other modern toy soldier buckets. The majority of the 2-D trees came from Target a few years ago. They sold a whole bunch of dinosaur bagged sets for a dollar and each set came with 4 trees and one of those little caves you see the FFL soldier standing on.

The barricades come from the Toy Major Fantasy toy soldier bucket sold at Toys ‘R’ Us. You get 4 per bucket. The rocks come from these buckets as well.