Tan forces have dug themselves across the only road through a heavily wooded valley in an attempt to deter the 2nd Green Armor Division from advancing further into their territory. They were quick to throw up barbed wire and sand bag defenses and bring up their own armor division as well. Unfortunately, the Green forces were not expecting to meet such heavy resistance and the majority of their troops were riflemen. Tan forces meanwhile have the advantage of position, light artillery support and slew of bazookas and mortars. The only advantage for the Green army are their tanks which slightly outnumber the enemy.

Will they be able to force the pass or is the green advance halted for the time being?

The soldiers used here are all Timmee Soldiers (or cheaper clones and copies). You can see dollar store clones and Toy Major Toys R Us copies spread throughout. The Vietnam era poses are probably some of the most well known toy soldiers and you find them in all kinds of toy stores to this day.

The tanks are all (except one) Timmee or clones/copies of the Timmee tank. Like the soldiers, this is probably the most ubiquietous design out there. I picked up a lot of mine at flea markets, generally for about a dollar. One of the tan tanks actually days from my first soldier playset that I got as kid in the early 90s. I lost the green somewhere along the way (unfortunately).

As usual, the scenery is a mishmash of makers, copies, clones, and random finds. The stone walls are either Marx originals or recasts and the dark purple sandbag barriers are from my second toy soldier playset as a kid.