The Imperial Knights chased their skeleton foes to a foreboding castle. The black cliffs behind the castle only served to further drive home the bleak situation facing the besieging forces. The undead have to be stopped here and now or else the entire kingdom would be overrun.

As the archers let their arrows fly, the infantry and cavalry begin their assault. The sound of metal on metal rings through the air. The fighting in front of the entrance is fierce. The gate itself, a giant skull is barely hanging on and if the knights can force their way in, the castle will fall. The catapult pelts the ramparts with rocks as the Skeleton warriors unleash their own wall mounted siege equipment on the army below.

Fortunately for the Imperial Knights, a group of men at arms had managed to catch up and provide some much needed support. As the assault unfolds, it becomes clear that both the undead and the living are evenly matched and it is down to a matter of wills….

So the here is a fun little set that I found while out at the flea market this past weekend. It is a partial Tomb Warriors set. This castle comes with the painted skeletons and the painted silver/blue knights.  Toy Major has reproduced both sets of figures over and over again. You typically find the skeletons in a cream color fighting pirates now. The Toys ‘r’ us pirates vs skeleton bucket is made up of these figures. The Skeletal horses are generally not reproduced and the rider is given a stand in more recent sets.

The knights can be found on Amazon in the Guardian Knights set that is made up of silver and black plastic figures. Their mounted units do not appear in the set.

The blueish plastic knights are Airfix Men At Arms and are some great poses. The rest of the set includes a soldier climbing a ladder and another dropping a rock.

If you want to know more about The Tomb Warriors set, I recommend this article over at the Fantasy Toy Soldiers Blog.