So I tend to head out to two different flea markets every Saturday morning. The vendors are pretty chill and a couple even keep an eye for items that I might be interested. The last two weekends have been particularly successful and figured these finds would be a good way to start documenting the items that I come across.

Up first is the over all haul.

I found a wide variety of makers for soldiers, dragons, trees, buildings, and other random odds and ends. There was everything from cowboys to knights to classic Timmee poses.

Here are the dragons and dinosaurs that I found:


Let us take a closer look at some of these figures. Here we have a Papo Green Dragon. He is in great condition and the fire breath is on straight and firmly attached. I have second one where the fire is all bent and rather loose. It is probably the weakest point on the figure but since this is a toy with children in mind, it takes a lot of work to actually break it.

There is another Papo pose that has the same body but the wings are folded back on the body. Personally, I like this version better since it gives a greater sense of movement.

Next we see the dragons that came with the Tomb Warrior sets, Toys R Us True Legends-Mythical theme bucket, Toy Major castles on Amazon, and other similar sets.

The upright dragons come in all kinds of colors depending on where you find them. The ones from Toys R Us are red while the ones being sold in various sets on Amazon come in a brownish-tannish color. I believe this particular scheme came with the original Tomb Warriors that was out in the 90s. It would have come with the dragons, skeletons, and guardian knights.

The lying down pose is not as common and I have only ever come across it in this color scheme. I think that many of the toy makers feel it is not “fearsome” or interesting enough to bother copying. To be fair, it does look like an alligator or crocodile with wings.

Just a couple of hollow rubber dinosaurs that I picked up for 50 cents(for both). I just thought they looked cool. They will probably end up in my give away bucket (I give extra figures to kids whenever I fill it up).


The last group of photos are for a set of dragons that I have never seen before. I found two different color schemes, a “fire” or “lava” dragon and an “ice” dragon. They are articulated with some ball joints and the wings just snap into the back with a peg. Unfortunately I only found one complete fire dragon, the other is missing his second wing, and the ice dragon has no wings what so ever. You can see the empty sockets on the back.

Of course, what good are dragons without some knights to fight them?

At the same booth the dragons came from I found multiple bags of the Toys R Us Knights. They come in silver and black and go for about 10 bucks at the store for a bucket of figures and accessories(around 100 pieces total).DSCN1558DSCN1559DSCN1560

The next group of knights have been reissued multiple times over the years. They are actually closer to 60mm in this set and some of the figures are missing their ring hand weapons. I think it is interesting to note that one of the mounted figures is based here but they left the stirrups on the top of boots. In some sets (such as this one), extra bases are provided in case you wanted to dismount the knight. Whichever company put out this version, just made it a requirement.

These figures are made from a rubbery material as opposed to a more classic “plastic.” There is a Marx ACW figure for scale in the first picture.

Now we will look at one last set of figures to wrap up Part 1.

This next group of figures all came out of the bag together.DSCN1480

The first thing to catch by eye about this bag was the number of Dimension for Children(DFC) here. Upon closer inspection though, I found  a metal based figure similar to W. Britains Deetail figures. The base was labeled Tonka and the copyright was Lucas Films 1988. A quick Google search turned up the fact that what I had found was the Willow figure  (played by Warwick Davis) from the short lived toy line for the Luca movie “Willow.”

I will have to keep my eye for the rest of the line now as well.DSCN1482

Th DFC figures in the set were a mixed bag in terms of quality. One of the ogres/trolls red paint applied and swords and other weapons are broken on some. All four wizards are in solid shape and the two dragon rider in are ok condition. You can see the plastic is chipping a bit and has seen better days.

The other figures in the bag were the alien space turtle from the Timmee space sets, a rubber Daisy Duck of Disney Fame, a Medusa figure, and some sort of flying green bird monster. I am not sure of the providence of the last two. Medusa appears to be similar in size, style, and shape to the DFC or Arco figures of the 80s. The Green Bird Monster appears to be either a game piece or from sort of cartoon similar to Yu Gi Oh or Digimon.DSCN1481

Let me know if the comments if you know the identify of any of the mystery figures or would like more information.

Tune in next time for Part 2!