In part 1, we looked at knights and dragons…now it is time to move onto the Wild West, the Alamo, American Civil War and finishing up with the American Revolution!


Up first is Fort Eagle. This piece is made from solid plastic with the details molded in and a door that opens. It is just about 54mm in scale. There are no maker marks on it but I think it is from Playmobil.

The Civil War figures (Marx and BMC) posed with it were also found at the same time. Here is a closer look of them and their Confederate counterparts.DSCN1530DSCN1528

The Marx figures range from ok to good in terms of condition. The booth I found these at had some random odds and ends and let me have all the figures for about 2 dollars. I gladly took the seller up on the offer.

Next we will look at a large collection of Cowboys and Indians. These came from a couple of different vendors and there is a good picture of toy makers here. You will see Lido, Timmee, Timpo, Marx and various clones. Note the two Marx horses that came with batch as well.

I want to call out the Marx Figure in yellow pulling out his pistol and carrying a bag. He is from their 60mm line of “town” Cowboys.

There is also a brown MPC cowboy in the mix as well. Both of them are pretty good condition and appear to be originals or at least early reproductions.

Overall, I found the mix solid but condition mixed. Most of these pieces were bought in baggies that people had just thrown the men into without any real care.


I almost overlooked this guy. On my way out of the second flea market, I happened to glance to my side and noticed his base sticking out of a pile of junk. Finding Britains Deetail figures is always exciting, I have a large collection of them and am always looking to expand it. When I find them at Flea Markets, the price goes one of two ways. Either they completely overpriced or go for dirt cheap (fifty cents to a dollar). For our boy in blue above, I happily paid dollar and stuck him in my bag.

The above Marx and BMC pieces came from the same booth with the Marx Civil War soldiers looked at earlier. I group them together here for the sake of organization. We see a couple of Alamo fighters from Marx and BMC along with 1 confederate and 1 union BMC ACW soldier.

Rounding this post out, we turn our attention to the American Revolution.

The first group of soldiers are BMC (or Americana clones). You can find these guys on and most major toy soldier sites. Two links are here and here. They are probably some of the most common American Revolution soldiers you will come across.

Generally speaking, you will find them in 4 or 5 colors. You will find soldiers in tri-corner hats in three colors: Blue (American Regulars), Red (British Regulars/Torie Militia), or White (French Regulars). You will only find British Grenadiers in red, American Militia in a light brown or cocoa color, and the Hessians always come in black.

The hero figures(2 of which are pictured here) are Lafayette in White, Cornwallis in Red, and General Washington riding a horse in Blue.

Overall, I like the BMC/Americana figures because they are cheap and quick way to expand your army and give it a solid feel.

In case anyone missed it, Armies in Plastic is currently having a sale on their American Revolution Figures(7.50 a box) and I recommend you check it out.

The last group of soldiers we will be looking at today are MPC Ringhand American Revolution Soldiers. Most of the men mustering here just need a couple of weapons and they will be ready to take the field again.

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s post, we still have WWII, terrains pieces, and some odds and sods to go!