Part 1
Part 2

So this is the final post for the last two weekends of April. This post will be a grab bag of figures and the like.

Up first we turn our attention to WWII and the Vietnam war. Basically, I came across a whole bunch of Timmee and Airfix clones along with a smattering of Marx figures. Even found of a couple of the newer 6 inch plastic figures.

Quality is over the place. Of course the originals all look great except for a bad paint job. The clones on the other  hand, well as you scroll through the pictures you can see for yourself. A lot of these pieces are destined for the buckets I put together to give to kids.

The next set of pictures is going to look at accessories. We have everything from tanks to trees to towers.

The green tank and truck have no maker on them and they are slightly smaller than the Timmee clones behind them. The helicopters are metal, not quite Hot Wheels quality but similar in size. All the tanks and the truck still have their wheels and they roll rather smoothly.

Couple of Marx accessories, including 4 more horses. The two towers are actually designed for GI Joe size figures. You can see the Marx Civil war guys are unable to see over the top. The one is from the US army licensed toy line and the other is from the Toys r Us True Heroes toy line.

This last group of pictures is everything else that I found.

Figures: Unknown parachute guy, cavemen, baseball player, firefighters, MUSCLE figures, Xpanders clones, some Marvel Super hero figures, a couple of LIDO knights, and then a group of figures I found for a dollar. An odd mix of cowboys, a star trek micro machine, and a mish mash of other items.

I hope you all enjoyed this tour-de-force and tune in next time!