The Imperial Storm Troopers were out on a routine patrol.

DSCN0669The newly colonized planet showed signs of previous inhabitants but they appeared to have been gone for thousands of years, all that was left were mega structures such as the giant wall the patrol was currently following.

There had been reports and rumors trickling in of a new alien menace in the sector and the troopers were ordered to call in about any unknown contacts. Suddenly those reports became more than just rumor as the aliens began a furious assault on the patrol.


The initial assault was beaten back but the Imperial forces were forced to retreat back to their forward outpost. It was really nothing more than a small command post with a couple of sandbags and razor wire meant to keep the local animals at bay. Unfortunately, the animals were no longer the most dangerous thing on this planet.

The unknown alien creatures began a fierce attack on the patrol as it regrouped with the remainder of the men at the base. Defensive positions were taken but quickly overrun. Many of the men at the outpost were torn to pieces by the lightning fast strikes of the enemy. There was an attempt to report the invasion to the main base but the aliens had somehow jammed their communication equipment. A few men escaped to warn the main base and their warning arrived only just ahead of the advancing aliens.

The local militia and what was left of the Imperial forces quickly rallied. Men were rushed out to the forward positions and given orders to prepare to repel the invaders. The war mechs were warmed and made ready.

The local commander then made a grave mistake, he sent a large force of militia and some of the storm troopers into the forest. These skirmishers quite readily found the enemy and a fierce firefight erupted sending many of the militia into a panic and retreating to the main base.

The local commander managed to get a last message out to the main command post on the planet and then quickly turned his attention back to the battle at hand.

Stay Tuned!

I hope everyone enjoyed the story so far. And now for the pieces used!

The storm troopers are a mixture of Hasbro Star Wars Command line figures and the Nara Best Show Star Wars figures. Here are some pictures of the Nara figures compared to the Star Wars Command Figures.

These guys came from Japan and I paid about 8 bucks for each box.

The Zerglings are an official licensed Blizzard product and came with space marines to fight against. I bought mine on clearance directly from the Blizzard store. You can find the Zerglings here and the Space Marines here.

The local militia are played by the Wal-Mart Elite Corps toy soldier bucket. It costs about 10 dollars and can be found on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart or online.